It’s a bit early for twinkly lights, but as we move into autumn the housing market will
slow down. Bad weather may not be as much of an issue in California, but no one wants
to deal with wet moving boxes. Most homes are listed during warmer months. The last
days of the year are shorter, and many people are busy with the holiday rush between
Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Still, there are some benefits to selling a home this
time of year.

Buyers on a Mission

While people may casually browse real estate in the spring and summer months with no
real intention to purchase a home, anyone using vacation time to view houses is likely a
serious buyer. It’s true you’d get more foot traffic if you waited to list your property in
the spring, however, that crowd might just be looking for something to do on a lazy
Sunday morning. Many people check out houses to find ideas for their own decorating or
renovation projects, or to imagine the dream home they’ll be able to afford someday.

A Competitive Advantage

One benefit of selling a home closer to the end of the year is that there’s less competition.
Fewer options are on the market. If you wait for spring or summer, there will be more
houses for buyers to choose from. Less inventory can mean faster sales.

The Holiday Spirit

Whether or not people celebrate the holidays, there’s a cozy warmth to this time of year.
Additionally, most of us are excused from work, which can make scheduling easier. We
wear sweaters and simmer soup on the stove. It’s a time for nesting. Selling a home
during the holidays might also make your neighborhood look more tempting. It’s an
opportunity to build a fire, and bake a pie in the oven.

Homeowners don’t need to wait for spring because there is no perfect time to sell. Fall
and winter months are most about home and belonging. There’s just an emotional
nostalgia that isn’t present in the same way at other times of the year.