Tiny living has turned into a movement that’s not going away any time soon. From the curious to the quaint, people are taking up residence in yurts, and converted grain silos, and even trees. Really, it’s no surprise floating homes have become so popular. If you’re curious about buying a house on the water, here are some things to consider and check Bay Area Escrow Services. Here are some things to consider when you want to buy a floating home

A floating home is moored at dock, like a micro condo on the water. It’s part of a bobbing neighborhood, but unlike houseboats, floating homes don’t need to be sea-ready. In fact, it can be costly to relocate a floating home, so they’re usually only moved once.


Let’s start with the downside. To be fair, people who live at sea tend to love it, but it’s not everyone’s dream. Parking can be tricky because most moorages don’t come with their own garage. And if you prefer to never see your neighbors, these cozy villages aren’t for you. Floats are usually spaced around ten feet apart to make room for residents. Watery real estate is in high demand.

Also, don’t forget that floating homes need a dock, which means maintenance fees. In some cases, you can choose to rent a water slip or buy into a homeowner’s moorage. If you decide to buy, lenders request a dive survey because saltwater can cause deterioration to float materials, but such damage happens slowly. Overall, cement floats require less upkeep.

Life Aboard a Floating Home

Floating homes are perfect for nature lovers who enjoy watching marine wildlife right from their deck. Plus, the views are unbeatable, and you’ll never need to hire a gardener to mow the lawn.

You may have to downsize a bit if you’re not shopping for a summer house, but floating homes tend to come with an inbuilt sense of community that’s a little different from life on dry land. People have an opportunity to really get to know each other in these buoyant, tight-knit neighborhoods, and we think that’s pretty special.

Want to Buy a Floating Home

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