The home buying process in complex and has many moving parts. Chances you are your home buying process may be kind of confusing. How can you protect yourself from getting swindled out of money without receiving the actual home in return?

Don’t take risks when you’re purchasing a home, this is a large purchase. Before buying a home, be familiar with your budget, any potential issues with the property, and any variables which could influence your decision.


Escrow is the great protector in situations such as this.  Once a buyer likes a home and a seller agrees to their offer, the escrow process lasts until the property ownership exchange is completed. Your escrow company is a third party while buying the ideal home. It offers protection to the home buyer, seller, and the loan owners too. Both the buyer and seller sign documents agreeing to terms, which they cannot back out of without a genuine reason. Escrow holds documents from the seller and money from the buyer until the transaction completes. Escrow is a neutral party that helps until the agreement finalizes.

How Does an Escrow Company Help?

An escrow agent is neutral. They ensure that transaction terms are carried out and all requirements from the buyer and conditions from the seller are met. When the buyers’ payments are in escrow account, the seller can be confident that they’ll be paid in full after fulfilling requirements.

When buying or selling your home, it is critical to choose an escrow company with experience and knowledge of the process.  Being able to contact a human in a local office can also be important. There are many online escrow companies who claim to be responsive, but fail to appear when problems arise.

While transacting a huge amount you shouldn’t take fraud risk or compromise payment. Never buy a home without an escrow officer. Take time to research experienced, knowledgeable escrow companies in your area. Your realtor may recommend someone, but it’s important that you do your own due diligence, because this choice will affect you directly.

This is how you protect your best interests in the home sale transaction.  If you have questions about how real estate escrow works, contact Bay Area Escrow Services.