Real Estate

Bay Area Escrow Services has been providing real estate professionals and Individuals with excellent fiduciary care on resale home purchases, refinancing and payoff only transactions as Settlement Agent for decades, with or without Title Insurance. Upon receipt of the Purchase Agreement in a sale transaction or Lender’s commitment in a refinance, the escrow opening will be initiated and the documentation is prepared according to terms contained within the agreement. Our officers are experienced and trained professionals and work diligently to assure title to the property is clear.

Important information to be submitted to escrow is as follows:

  • Full names, addresses, and contact information for both Buyer and Seller
  • Property Address, Assessor’s Parcel Number, legal description, and HOA information, if applicable
  • Lien and/or payoff information of existing encumbrances (Copy of Note and Deed of Trust, if private lender)
  • Seller Carryback terms or Institutional Lender information, as applicable
  • Fire insurance information; can be handled through escrow depending on requirements

Thus as Settlement Agent we act on behalf of both parties to protect the interest of each within the authority of the Escrow Instructions. Once all parties have signed escrow documents, the terms and conditions of the instructions have been satisfied Escrow can be completed.