Alternative housing solutions have caught the attention of Millennials saddled with
college debt, as well as older generations ready to downsize. In particular, manufactured
homes are becoming more popular. Many improvements have been made in recent years,
as well as options for custom design. There are some lingering stigmas about factory
homes, but as the demand for affordable housing grows, both builders and buyers are
taking a second look at this option.

Designing Your Dream Home

Manufactured homes provide more space than tiny houses, which are also trending in the
alternative housing movement. They’re versatile, and can be designed to match any style,
from farmhouses, to quaint log cabins. Manufactured homes can be made to look more
permanent with concrete foundations, garages, or decks. Also, manufactured homes allow
you to choose your favorite floor plan and building materials.

Building and Installation

The building process itself is more streamlined, so there’s less construction waste. Unlike
traditional on-site construction methods, there are no delays in searching for
subcontractors or tradesmen who might not be reliable.

Unless a home is purchased in a manufactured housing community, upon completion, it’s
then delivered and lifted onto a foundation with a crane. Things come together much
more quickly than traditional on-site builds. Utility hookup is part of this final installation
process, but it doesn’t take long.

Manufactured Homes can be more Eco-Friendly

Manufactured homes must be built to the United States Department of Housing and
Urban Development standards. This HUD code requires manufactured homes to have
energy efficient windows, and on-demand water heaters, as well as enhanced insulation.
An entire manufactured home can even be Energy Star certified when outfitted with the
right appliances. Building with energy efficiency in mind is eco-friendly, but it also
reduces monthly heating and electric bills, adding to the greater affordability of
manufactured homes.

The cost of rent in California is on the rise, making it harder than ever to save for a down
payment to enter the housing market. But manufactured homes cost less than half as
much to build as traditional houses. When you take into consideration the durability of
modern manufactured homes, and the long-term value of owning vs. renting,
manufactured homes are a favorable option for hopeful buyers ready to settle down.