Working in real estate is a high-pressure career, but it’s not without its perks. Who wouldn’t want to set their own schedule, and make good money while helping people? So what separates top real estate agents from the competition? Whether you’re thinking about becoming an agent, or you’re already on the path, here are a few tips for growth.

Automate and Outsource

Real estate agents are always on the go. If you could use a few extra hours in the week, try automating or outsourcing some of the most time-consuming things on your list. This will allow you to focus on finalizing deals with clients. There’s even software like InCom Real Estate or Placester that generates leads and features other useful tools.

Partner with Movers

Business really is about who you know. It’s not uncommon for real estate agents to negotiate deals with local moving companies. Consider networking for mutual referrals.

Manage Your Budget

Every business needs to plan a yearly budget, track expenses, and save receipts. This will make life easier when tax season comes around. Updated records will save you money and stress. It’s especially necessary for real estate agents to manage cash flow because they can’t rely on a traditional paycheck.

Check Your Online Reputation

With so many agents to choose from, a good reputation is essential for a successful career in real estate. It’s important to carefully craft your reputation on social media. Potential clients are likely to Google your name to weed out any agents with bad reviews.

Multiple Lead Channels

One of the most challenging aspects of being a real estate agent is closing deals while generating new leads at the same time. Fortunately, there are many ways to source new clients. Focus on setting up multiple channels, and automate as much as possible.

Be the Neighborhood Expert

You can add real value to your clients by having the inside scoop on the areas you represent. Where are the best schools and neighborhoods? What’s unique about your city? The best real estate agents never stop learning.

We all have room for growth and improvement. We hope this post gave you some new ideas. If you’re a real estate agent interested in networking together, please contact us at Bay Area Escrow.