The process of buying and selling a house contains elements that can be very confusing to both home buyers and sellers, alike. Having a good agent to walk you through the process can remove challenges and make your homeownership journey a smooth one. For some people, the escrow process is a little complicated. This is because it involves a third party that holds the funds during the transaction. However, this process is a straightforward one once you understand it. It’s also exceptionally safe because the seller gets reassurance that the buyer has the funds to pay for the property. The buyer also gets reassurance that the seller is the legitimate property owner. An escrow agent plays a major role throughout the process and should be carefully chosen.

The Escrow Company

Your escrow agent should work with a company that is not only reputable but also equipped with the resources you’ll need to resolve problems that may arise during the sale. An escrow company with all the necessary resources will have the ability to predict potential problems and solve them before they complicate the transaction. A good company will also hire agents with excellent work ethics and high levels of expertise.


The escrow agent you hire should be credible, and you can confirm this by reading their reviews. Ask previous clients who have interacted with the agent before about their experience. You can use the company’s website or social media platforms, like Facebook and yelp to gain insight into the experiences others have had. You can also check Google reviews and the department of real estate. Additionally, remember to look into any legal issues they may have previously had with their clients or employers.


Your escrow agent should be close enough to you that they’re easy to access. Even though you won’t necessarily go to the office regularly, you should still know the agent’s physical location to make it easier for you to reach them whenever the need arises. The office doesn’t have to be too close to your area, but it should be in the same region. The main advantage of this is that they will know all the possible real estate problems that can arise in your area.


Since the escrow agent will be a point of contact, they should have great communication skills that include responding quickly and effectively to your questions and concerns. They should also be transparent enough to give you all the necessary information in a comprehensive manner that allows you to easily understand it. Avoid any agent that provides vague information or delays responses.


The agent should give you a fair price in a written quote before you start working with them. Make sure the price is within the average range on the market. Avoid agents with prices that seem too high or too good to be true.

Find The Right Escrow Agent

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