Floating homes have gained in popularity over the last few years. The idea of living right on the water is a novelty that is easy to fall in love with if you’re looking for a fresh experience or an alternative lifestyle. This public intrigue can help if you’re wondering how to sell a floating home. As with any house, it comes down to staging and marketing. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you “float” through this sale like a real estate pro.

Complete Home Improvements

Marketing any home starts with the most essential preparations. Take a walk through the floating house as if you were a potential buyer. Aside from essential repairs, be sure to consider any simple updates that would increase the value of your home. It helps to make a list.

Also, keep in mind that a floating home inspection requires a diver. As with any home sale, an inspection is needed to review the house from top to bottom. This involves hiring a diver to check the structural elements of a home that are hidden underwater.

Depersonalize the House

When selling a home, it’s important to depersonalize the space. This means removing family photos from the wall, and emptying out the closets, etc It allows the buyer to visualize how they would make use of the rooms. Staging a home may sound like it contradicts this step, but it actually creates a clean appearance. Some rooms look smaller than they are when they’re completely empty.

Improve the Exterior

Curb appeal is still important if you’re wondering how to sell a floating home. First impressions can really make or break a sale. Consider adding some nice exterior lighting or potted flowering plants by the front door. These little details matter.

Professional Photos

The idea of living in a floating home is still far from mainstream society. Many people have not fully realized their true value. In fact, the thought of buying a floating home may not even occur to them. This is where hiring a photographer can help. If you want to market your home online—and we suggest you do, be sure to use professional photos in your posts. This is one way to help potential buyers begin to imagine the beauty of life on the water. Be sure to capture the sunset or sunrise while you’re at it.

Address Concerns

The biggest concern when owning a property is its depreciating value. Houses on land tend to gradually increase in value, while boats will decrease. Confusion can arise as to where a floating home exists on this spectrum. When selling a floating home, be sure to address common concerns that may make buyers nervous about investing in a floating property.


When selling your floating home, these are a few tasks you could choose to do:

  • Make a listing for the home on a property website
  • Promote your home on social media
  • Hire a realtor who can help with your marketing efforts
  • Don’t forget to place an old-fashioned “For Sale” sign out front

Questions on How to Sell a Floating Home?

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